Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Electronic Signatures Legal in Ontario July 1st.

Time to go paperless. Technology is advancing and the only way to get ahead of the game is to adapt because it is not going anywhere. Electronic signatures are the next big thing. Now that they are legal throughout, the convenience and securely of digital signature technology is emerging rapidly in real estate, medical and financial businesses. Not only does it save time but it adds a layer of securely that regular hand signed signatures do not.

SkySignature is an online Digital Signature application. Fast, Easy and straight forward. Free for personal use. Very flexible and intuitive. It is fully loaded with many helpful features and PDF editing tools such as "type anywhere" capability available exclusively only on SkySignature.com

More features such as Sign-Here tags that can be dragged and dropped onto the document. Allows to create a new PDF document out of the individual pages from existing PDF Documents. SkySignature uses a custom, unique advanced encryption algorithm to ensure security.

Visit www.skysignature.com to sign up for free and discover how easy it is to sign a document online.

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